Univ Tube 2017


Univ Tube is one of the activities that take place on the day of the Forum. Through a video competition, university students are able to present the theme of the Univ Forum in an audiovisual format. It is a virtual space in which university students from all over the world contribute, in a constructive, innovative and artistic manner, their perspectives on relevant issues that affect society.


To participate, it is not necessary to be a student of film, audiovisual production nor journalism. You can participate as long as you submit a work in any of these categories (a video may be submitted by a  group with a maximum of 5 members. Only 1 video per group will be accepted) :


            - Best documentary


            - Best short film


The best videos (which should last between 5-10 minutes) will be uploaded to the Univ Forum website (www.univforum.org) and to the Univ Tube website (www.univtube.org). The prizes awarded in each edition of the Univ Tube competition are the Pigne Bronzee (Bronze Pinecones) , a replica of the famous Pigna Bronzea (Bronze Pinecone) found in the Cortile della Pigna (Courtyard of the Pinecone of the Vatican Museums. The Pigne (pinecones) will be awarded to the best documentary and the best short film. Moreover, the awardees will receive a cash prize of €600 for the best documentary and €500 for the best short film (fiction).


The videos may be filmed in any language. However, if the original language of the film is not in English, English subtitles must be provided.


On the day of the Forum, the 10 finalists will be announced. Should you be one of the 10 finalists, you will be asked to present your video within a 3-minute (maximum) allotted time.



How to participate?


- Fill out this form before the 18th of March. Also, get to know the Rules for Participation.


- The last day for submission is on the 28th of March 2017, Tuesday. On that day, the video must be uploaded on Youtube and the link sent to univtube@gmail.com


- The organizers of the activity will get in touch with you within 3 days in order to confirm your admission.


- For more information, check-out: www.univtube.org