On The Phone, Always


The New "Distracted Parenting" or when We Look at the Mobile More than Our Children, Do You Too? 


The image is repeated more than we believe or what is worse, more than we realize. 


Boy or girl in the park and her father or mother observing the smartphone "it's a moment," nothing more "or" I can do both at once "are the most heard phrases but to this the experts are calling it" distracted parenting "or when we look at the mobile more than our children, does this happen to you too? 


Squares, parks, shopping malls, some even go walking or driving while they're watching your cell phone. They begin to be called "zombies" to those passers-by who walk without stopping looking at their mobile. 


In fact, this behavior has become widespread to such an extent that it has begun to be a danger to users and cities like Stockholm, Antwerp or Brussels, among others, have signaled the routes or areas to walk those adults who consider it more important to give a like than their security when they move. 


But the worst thing is that being as we are in general, hyper-connected adults, this is the introduction to the upbringing of our children although it seems that we are not giving or account.