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President Obama’s transgender directive isn’t about civil rights or bathroom use. It’s about state control over personal relationships.
Pro-life advocates held over 140 marches across Poland on Sunday.
Unless you live under a rock in a very shady part of the forest or in England or Wales, you have no doubt heard of the peculiar domestic arrangements
This video points out obstacles and difficulties that people who argue in favour of same-sex marriage face when they make their case.

Univ Forum

One filmmaker captured every step of a Syrian father’s seventeen-hundred-mile odyssey, fraught with peril and punctuated by moments of extraordinary human kindness.

social initiatives

This beautiful short film captures the challenges young girls like Monica face when they work to obtain what many of us in the west take for granted.

Art and Literature

Years ago, Bono invited a Christian writer to meet him, and the writer turned him down.
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