La amistad es la compañía que me hace más protagonista de mi existencia. ¿Cómo? Enriqueciéndola, fomentándola, incrementándola, haciéndola crecer. La
Nietzsche was able to recognize that Christianity is central to culture while his contemporaries were not. Maybe if Europe desires to be culturally,
Aristotle said that, in a true friendship, each friend regards and loves the other as his 'other self'. We should avoid some friendships
The wonderful thing that I’ve learned about the natural law is the perpetual human tendency to stumble across it in all forms of art; the simple fact


In his weekly general audience, Pope Francis reflected on his recent trip to Sri Lanka and the Philippines, once again highlighting the importance of family. Fol... more

The new generation was born into a world that often sees love as temporary and disposable. Today, marriage is often seen as a status “capstone” rather than a foundation to a life that a man and a w... more

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UNIV 2015



Best-selling author Daniel Goleman discusses how regular periods of rest throughout the school day help the brain learn more efficiently. 

We all want to use our talents to create something meaningful with our lives. But how to get started? (And ... what if you're shy?) Writer Kare Anderson shares her own story of chronic shyness, and how she opened up her world by helping other peop...

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