The best moments of the UNIV 2014 on a timeline: pictures and videos
What is “human ecology”? What can we do to promote a healthy one? At first, the term sounds strange -– isn’t ecology about the natural environment, that is, the air, water, and earth all around us and that many environmentalists say that we human beings are degrading? Aren’t human beings different than “nature” in that we have the intelligence and will?
We share this video made by Rome Reports.
The production, realised by Gartubay University centre, is about the story of a Moroccan emigrant who, maintains his family by selling paintings and caricatures in Madrid’s Plaza Mayor.
Art is a form of expression where words, seem to falter: it is the art that leads man towards the Creator.
The UNIV Conference is a university meeting that ICU - Istituto per la Cooperazione Universitaria - has organized in Rome since 1968
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