Real education is not about “current events” but the permanent things of the human spirit.
Quiero comenzar preguntándome si hay datos científicos que sirvan de apoyo a las posturas filosóficas que cierran la posibilidad de la fe.
If you think it’s hard to change the lives of ten people -change their lives forever- you’re wrong.
The sphere of friendship is the selflessness, giving freely and inner acceptance of the needs of others.


Álvaro del Portillo, primer sucesor del fundador del Opus Dei, fue beatificado ante fieles de ochenta países el 27 de septiembre de 2014 en una ceremonia emocionante celebrada en Madrid.

Joy, peace, friendship with God... Alvaro del Portillo was a man of fidelity, that spent his whole life in the service of the Church. He was Saint Josemaría's faithful co-worker and also his first... more

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UNIV 2015



"We spend so much time listening to the things people are saying that we rarely pay attention to the things they don't," says poet and teacher Clint Smith. A short, powerful piece from the heart, about finding the courage to speak up against ignor...

As an introduction for his "Ancient wisdom and modern love" course, David O’cconor talks about Philosophy as Love Potion. As an experience that is not merely pleasant; there are aspects of it that are frightening or painful. You can follow the cou...

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