While the pagan charity only search for happiness in this life, the Christian charity moreover point out the eternal destiny and magnify the
The styles and forms of the modernist era arise from a certain story about man’s spiritual history.
Tres clases de personas son las que mejor parecen captar el valor de la amistad: los filósofos, los artistas y los amigos.
Sometimes, university students find it difficult to live according to their religious beliefs because both inside and outside the classroom religion


Living Symphonies is a sound installation which aims to portray a forest ecosystem in an ever changing soundscape - reflecting, in real time, the interactions of the natural world. In this film, Na... more

In a South Sudanese refugee camp, children make a dollhouse to tell their story of war. Produced by: Andrew Berends

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UNIV 2015



Both terms have narrowed in modern times, so that it's much more of a stretch to make the connection than it used to be. Goodness has narrowed to moral goodness. Beauty has narrowed to a certain department of life, the arts, or aesthetics. In the...

Best-selling author Daniel Goleman discusses how regular periods of rest throughout the school day help the brain learn more efficiently. 

The UNIV Conference is a university meeting that ICU - Istituto per la Cooperazione Universitaria - has organized in Rome since 1968
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