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Lincoln speaks from his personal experience, as he never attended college and was entirely self-educated, principally by continuously reading.
"No se ven políticos de altura y no es fácil encontrar una explicación".
Upholding the humanities is upholding the honor of a civilization.
Reading a book is essentially an effort on your part to ask it questions and to answer them to the best of your ability. That should never be

Univ Forum

A profound reflection on the importance of family, considering that it is not just the basic unit of society. It is the foundation and model of all social life.

social initiatives

To understand the migration crisis, we need to examine the global problem.

Art and Literature

La auténtica conducta ante la obra de arte consiste en callar, en concentrarse, en penetrar, mirando con sensibilidad y alma abierta. Entonces se abre el mundo de la obra.
The UNIV Conference is a university meeting that ICU - Istituto per la Cooperazione Universitaria - has organized in Rome since 1968
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